House types

We offer full-featured mountain cabins on a gloriously sunny South/sydvästsluttning with expansive views of the mountains. Here in the Singing Brook, you experience the mountain's panoramic and calm, but you are central in the activity area, winter, spring, summer and autumn. Singing Brook location is optimal, in the midst of the mountain's stillness between the Vemdalsskalets range and Klövsjö, the world's most beautiful mountain village, with a diversity of experiences, activities and service in the local area.

See pictures, facade drawings, layouts, and more detailed descriptions of selected building types below.



The other Falco

These houses have been adapted for the sloped terrain, partly to take advantage of the fia view facing Southwest, but also to get the maximum kvadratytor. Then it fell naturally to build a split-level House. The houses have large terraces, a large part of these are under the roof. We have taken advantage of the slope to get a snowmobile garage and firewood in the slope area with entrance and exit from the House.

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the other Falco


The Siberian Jay