The location of Prestgårdsudden is unique and the area is lined with water, natural pasture as well as magical John Bauer like woods. It is the absolute closeness to nature that creates quality of life for body and soul. We offer a scenic countryside plot with good transportation and an expanding local businesses.

Here you are able to rent a berth for your boat in the nearby marina, and take it out fishing. Or why not go out on one of the Lake's many beautiful islands, perhaps a wood-fired sauna, and then a dip in the clear waters.

In society there is childcare, Rydsnäs new store, a gas station, pub, and restaurant. In the central town of Österbymo you find the full range of services such as schools, health, pharmacy, banks, and stores.

Our goal is to design homes with one or a few common denominators to be able to create an externally attractive area. The highest priority, however, is that the customer can realize their dreams, and it is our belief that this can be combined with the local building tradition and adapting to each site. The images show the house types and environmental images from Prestgårdsudden. The houses blend gently into the rural idyll. The views are magnificent and the calm, peacefulness and nature is palpable.

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