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Parsonage country house Cape is located in a forest/promontory in Lake Eastern Camps, about 800 meters from the small community of Rydsnäs in Ydre municipality, Sweden. The municipality's main town, Derby, it is 9 km. To Eksjö is 2.5 km and to Tranås is the 3 mil. Stockholm and Gothenburg, be reached in 3 hours and Jönköping, Linköping, respectively, can be reached in 1 hour.

YDRE is one of Sweden's smallest municipalities with a population of about 4000 people, which at the same time, perhaps the greatest benefit. There is a closeness to everything, not least to the decision-makers. In Ydre is calm, but also they involved organisational people and the small-scale entrepreneurship.

Perhaps small, but also perhaps one of the most beautiful. Especially the areas around Lägernsjöarna feels very inviting with a lot of variety, but also the balance between forest, mountains, lakes and open countryside. It is easy to love this part of the country, with a diversity of attractions for both nature as culture lovers.