Sångbäckvallen’s location is perfect, in the midst of the mountain’s stillness between the Vemdalsskalets range and Klövsjö, the “world’s most beautiful mountain village”, with a diversity of experiences, activities and service in the local area.

The area is characterized by grandeur and diversity in several respects. Here, one can still find peace and quiet and stunning scenery, but also entertainment and activities for all tastes.

Significant local and regional infrastructural investments are made, and the area’s major development potential is attracting both private individuals and businesses to invest, in property and in business.

It is also close to Vemdalen/Klövsjö mountains, the real mountain world, whether you live in Sundsvall, Stockholm and Jonköping.

The area has managed to combine small scale, conservation and charm with a well-developed
service and activities. The area is not only one of the absolutely hottest ski areas
but it can also the authentic in the area offer memorable experiences.

We offer construction-ready land plots on a gloriously sunny south / south-west slope with expansive views of the mountains. Here in the Singing Brook, you experience the mountain’s panoramic and calm, but you are central in the activity area, winter, spring, summer and autumn.

For those customers desiring a turnkey product (plot + house), we have developed a number of houses, that we believe meet the requirements and wishes. We have taken into account the different needs and tastes, and at the same time we have a thought about giving the area a pleasant and harmonious appearance. Would you as a customer have other wishes, you have the ability to select and build your own custom model, provided that it follows the plan provisions. Even in this case we will help, of course, to the realisation of your dream home.

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