Price per plot is 675 000 SEK. The price includes empty (1400-1800 sqm) and connection charges for electricity, water, sewage, triple play (TV/broadband/Telecom). The price also includes a connection fee to a district heating system based on geothermal heat. The system is under development and is expected to be introduced in phases during 2007-2008. This leads to low and very competitive heating bills.

House prices

Our idea is to be based on the customer's budget and wishes. This means that we in the group have great flexibility and ambition to develop a nice house for every wallet. As part of this, we are developing now a long-term strategy and close collaboration with key partners and entrepreneurs in the sector, all of which have a focus on quality, delivery reliability, flexibility and affordable product. We will shortly introduce fixed prices for our standard House models in the standard version, and otherwise, we will be able to quickly provide quotes on individual solutions. We are convinced that everyone will benefit from a strong network.

The houses are delivered with a hydronic heating system with floor heating. Both houses as the choice of the basic model can be customized from Santa's nature.